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Finolex Group is a private sector conglomerate based in Pune, India. The Finolex Group comprises Finolex Cables Ltd., Finolex Industries Ltd., Finolex J-Power Systems Ltd. and Finolex Plasson Industries Ltd. The group was founded in 1958 by P. P. Chhabria and K. P. Chhabria.

A former employee said this on Indeed "At Finolex they have poor management and HR personnel are not much more educated in relevant field, there is no good promotion strategy and increments for hardworking person, they focus on your negligible things instead of your performance and capacity".


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Former Employee - Production Engineer says

"If you are mechanical engineer dont go there never it will be your big mistake in your career. Please dont get attracted to job security or permanent job status."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"a) No formal structure b) The organization purely functions on the whims and fancies of the person who's at the helm of affairs c) The management office is of the sole opinion that they know more than anyone within the organization d) Issues pertaining to employee and vendor payments e) Constant mental harassment from the management office f) Working environment not conducive for career growth g) No satisfaction is derived from the work you do h) Too much of micromanagement i) Doesn't empower resources to take decisions j) Sluggish organizational culture"


"poor management . No decision making . sales employees are treated like only executors as decisions are taken only from top management no delegation of power. Top officials are not bothered about actual concerns of market they are been surrounded by people who dont want clear picture to be visible to management."

Sales says

"Lack in Employee benefits, culture , less package"

Former Employee - Management Trainee says

"Working in shifts , Hectic work load ."


"No cons for this only better one."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No proper gradation and remuneration accordingly , Low salaries . No preference to actually working on field people , HR & ADMIN getting cream always"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Bureaucratic; Laid Back; Non Process oriented"

Current Employee - Sales Executive says

"Slow growth and Slow management"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Hectic shift schedule for employees"

Trainee Engineer (Former Employee) says

"They don't give any offer letter or confirmation letter. No job security. Less increment or no increment ... You have to work in third party contract for 1 year and still no garenty for the trainee job."

Senior maintenance manager (Former Employee) says

"Senior management Ruthless, work without man power, and woe suppliers to supply spares with no payment, do maintenace with no man power and spares storesfree lunch and transportno job work (kra) defined, open to failure abuse"

BE MECHANICAL in production dept (Former Employee) says

"always wanted to go for design dept. so, not anymore interested in that job . management is not supportive at all to their employees ."

Quality Control Chemist (Current Employee) says

"poor management and HR personnel are not much more educated in relevant field.,there is no good promotion strategy and increments for hardworking person, they focus on your negligible things instead of your performance and capacity.good area and environmentpoor management"

MM support consultant (Current Employee) says

"Employees working since 10-15 years are working in less than half of the salary of employees other companies get very bad work culture increment and sometimes they cut the incentives of the respective months and it continues for 4-6 months which is very much ridiculousFree lunches facilitySalary too less"

production Engineer (Former Employee) says

"management was average ,work environment was good,timing was 8 hourslunch dinner8"

Cost Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Poor top management is driving company for slow growth and also decision making is weak . No transparency. Cheap politics and no career path. No defined rolesWithin city limitsMany"

Sales Officer-II (Current Employee) says

"To follow up the dealers. How to convert the dealers. Systematic management. Work culture is not bad. The hardest part of job is to Handle the management"

sr sales executive (Current Employee) says

"Regular work same boring and market are very price sensitive. Market is not control in any ones hand and margin rates are so low that parties are not interested to work in long run.heavy pull"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Only good for fresher who want to learn. Very less Salary. No appreciation. Infrastructure is not good. You will find lizards and snake. Bond Signing for 3 years.Nothing. Only good for fresher who want to learn.Very less Salary. No appriciation."

PRODUCTION ENGINEER (Current Employee) says

"Here once u faced a problem that will more than risking yours life.1.Once I had faced the leakage of molten metal right in front of me nearly 2feet from me. And once the blast of holding furnace which had unbearable sound.2.The things I learned is before I go to any part of the shop floor I have to be informed to all of the matters that was happen in last two shift.3.Management is totally poor condition they are just the joy stick for higher authority those who are seated over our head quarter pune.4.They are simply work for getting touch with job life as well as for the shake of money. They all are talented but there are no values given to any body who wants to use his knowledge.5.Facing the heat during running line and the idle time during shut down period.6.Here I have a lot of time to enjoy my study life again. No tension of over work. The joy of being a company of such co-workers who knows they are just ruining there life at here but still happy to be at here as they got lot of leaves for their families.8hrs16hrs"

ASM (Former Employee) says

"Distributer And Senieors Totaly Harashment To empolye and Working Culture not suitable in only AmritsarTarritary. Dealers Treat The Company Emp Totly Shop Epm. So Plz Save your Prvoius job. And Toatly Harasment And Mently Toucher.Not a good job in Amritsar"

Quality Inspector (Former Employee) says

"The work in the Company was always a fun and A lot of learning. From the 1st day, I never felt that I am new here, everyone seemed so helping and were willing to teach the best practices. Especially Our Senior Manager was always there whenever we needed it. For a fresher its very common to commit mistakes here and there, but instead of getting high, he managed the situation and taught us how to do it well the next time. Still the hardest part was the 3 different shifts we had to go that kept on changing every week."

Management Trainee (Former Employee) says

"It's very good company but at the wrong hands. Managers will create worst strategy and make you life complicated. They will make you to walk on that those worst strategies and expert you to perform 10X. Higher management will get you a chance to learn their offerings and how to handle the problems but the middle manager will screw your happiness.Perfect place to learn about pulse of the market and industrial offeringsIt's not employees friendly organization, no perks for sales"

trainee engineer in electrical maintenance (Former Employee) says

"expected for permanent employee but i was there in contract for years. fun work place. workers are friendly. working at the same machine for 2 years. there was not even a variety of work during the launch & free transport"

DGM Sales (Former Employee) says

"Company is good, but sr management is very poor, not responding. didn't care for quality of products, afer sale service is very poor, delivery system is very bad, materials availability is very bad. Over all is not good for future."

quality control engineer (Former Employee) says

"good, it was wonderful to learn about different types of wires and the process of its manufacture. The management were just diploma and iti holders and new recruits were B.E .lunch and dinner at reduced costnight shifts are tiring"

Quality engineer (Former Employee) says

"i learn to handle situation, handle peoples. checking of cables & machinery, solve the problem of worker.checking is the most enjoyable part."

Trainee (Former Employee) says

"Long hours duty, working on two to three machines, learned only to load and unload job, workplace culture is good, enjoyed to operate two machines at a time, no time between working for personal health.Na"

Product Manager (Current Employee) says

"In my 19 years experience i had never faced such a meaning less pressure like in Finolex. i will never recommend my friends to work with this Org in electrical segments." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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